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Learn how Grafted is protecting and securing your community

From policy to product, Grafted is built from the ground up with security in mind.

Students control their data

From on-boarding to profile creation, students and alumni are in charge of their data. Grafted makes it easy for users to opt in or out at anytime leaving them in full control of their information.

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Grafted's committed to data stewardship

Our active community of privacy and security experts ensure Grafted is leading the way in data security. All of which comes standard with your subscription.

  • Encryption in transit (TLS 1.2)
  • Encryption at rest (AES-256)

Your security comes first

Grafted's modern platform was built from the ground up with leading security infrastructure, single sign-on protocols and policies to ensure we are always improving.
Secure Infrastructure

Grafted uses top-of-the-line security infrastructure to ensure that user data is always encrypted at rest, responsibly stored, and transmitted securely. This includes the use of TLS/SSL protocols, 256-bit AES data encryption, API call-level authentication, and modern DDoS mitigation controls.


Our architecture is designed to be highly available with replicas in different regions. Our architecture and monitoring systems allows us to guarantee uptime of at least 99.9% or better.

Secure Single-Sign-On

Grafted provides an array of single sign-on (SSO) options to ensure your users can enjoy safe, simple access to the platform from any secure identity or device. Our authentication process includes but is not limited to the following protocols: OpenID Connect (OIDC), G-Suite, Azure AD, Active Directory LDAP, SAML and Shibboleth.


Grafted is designed to enable complete FERPA, NCAA, GDPR and ISO-27001 compliance standards. We give students clear and easy methods to control of their information at all times. We implement the appropriate Data Processing Agreements and are committed to an ongoing analysis and incorporation of approved GDPR standards.

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