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Why Grafted (not Zoom) Is The Best Tool For Career Exploration 🤔

Zoom is an awkward fit for career exploration broadcasts.... mainly because Zoom wasn't built for career services teams. Here's what happens when you build a broadcast tool specifically for career community.

ICYMI: Zoom Ruled 2020👑

The shutdown of the world forced E V E R Y B O D Y online— for work, for school, and for community. Zoom (with its free offerings and dominant market position) gobbled up the lion’s share of this activity (and the stock gains), and now meeting online has become synonymous with Zoom. 

Naturally, certain settings were a better fit for Zoom’s product offerings than others. One setting that definitely isn’t a natural fit? Career exploration broadcasts. Zoom is not the best option for broadcasts that your university or athletic department uses to educate students about career. 

Career exploration broadcasts are a square peg 🟧 in the round hole ⚫ of Zoom’s product offerings. 

To be fair, it’s not Zoom’s fault. The platform wasn’t designed for the career exploration use case.

… Grafted was.

From the very beginning, we’ve been designing for college career community. 

You can’t have church on our apps ❎; probably shouldn’t have a stockholders’ meeting on our apps ❎; wouldn’t recommend using Grafted apps for connecting your extended family ❎. It’s not for those things. 

But what it is for, it freaking excels at. 

👉Career service departments are best served by a broadcast solution engineered 🧪 for the career exploration use case.

Here's what makes Grafted the perfect fit for career community:

1) Brace yourself ... this one is HUGE... 

Every answered question in our broadcasts is automagically 🧙‍♂️ clipped and recycled in-app for on-demand use. Your broadcasts automatically become snackable, on-demand content— no downloading a video, no editing it yourself, no YouTube. Record 1 broadcast & generate DOZENS of career info videos.

How frustrating is it that 90% of what happens on most Zoom calls is lost forever because the content isn’t saved and repurposed? Users forget what happened— and even if you are able to track down the recordings of the Zoom broadcast, you’ll have to watch a full-length screen capture of the meeting. Ugh. 😒

We designed the broadcast feature of our platform so that, once a broadcast is finished, each of the questions asked becomes a chapter in a broadcast story video that appears on your profile. In other words, this instant content multiplication isn’t limited to app administrators— anyone who hosts a broadcast to answer questions on the app has access to their stories. 

Oh, and those videos are available on-demand, 24-7-365. Broadcasts on Grafted are the gifts that keep giving. Keep serving your students. Keep generating opportunities. 🤝

Tim recorded a broadcast... now it's a series of stories on his profile.

And the ease and automation of being able to build a library of content on the app makes hosting broadcasts practically irresistible for alumni and employer partners. With an hour of their time, they’ve just made a huge leap in their hyper-focused content marketing gameplan.

We know. It’s pretty incredible. 🤯🤯 Take a minute before #2 

2) We make it even easier for your members to host broadcasts… because upvotes from the audience drive the agenda. 

On Zoom, if you’re hosting a broadcast, you better come to play! Practice ahead of time, bring your slide deck, and make sure you’ve got enough content to fill the block. 

Presentation GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
Hosting a Zoom meeting? Better be ready...

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s certainly a place for this kind of presentation. But the challenge is that limiting your pool of broadcast hosts to folks who (1) are comfortable delivering a presentation like this, and (2) have the time to prepare a presentation like this, means excluding a whole bunch of super-qualified hosts. Hosts that want to help and are also intimidated by the Zoom route or are too busy to fit that in.

On Grafted, hosts don’t drive the agenda for their broadcasts. On Fabriq, career community is all about authentic, impromptu, Ask Me Anything-style interviews. Audience members submit questions ahead of time or during the broadcast, and then they cast votes for the questions they want to hear answers to. Moreover, your admin team can fill in the gaps with its own questions for each host. This allows you to direct the themes of broadcasts while allowing for maximum transparency.

When hosts aren't responsible for building their own content, they can focus on building social Grafted 😉. Our AMA/interview format decreases barriers to entry for your hosts, which increases the pool of potential hosts. 

It's time to democratize your broadcasts. And ultimately, engaging more hosts is the route to scaling your career services offerings in a meaningful way.

3) There’s no audience video feed, which means there’s a low, low, low barrier to entry for engaging in career exploration. 

Your students don't have to worry about talking, getting unmuted, or making an awkward/accidental video appearance. It’s literally impossible in our one-to-many broadcast format. 

In other words, we've made it possible for ALL students to join and engage with your career broadcast— not just the camera-friendly, outgoing, super-eager ones.

4) Grafted is designed to help your students make the right connections— not simply to have meetings. 

Zoom is a platform for meetings. As such, it’s outside the norms of the platform for students to reach out to the host of broadcast unless the host specifically provides a channel to do so. It’s not socially clear whether it’s ok to hit them up on LinkedIn. 

On Grafted apps, it is 100% socially clear that students should reach out to broadcast hosts. The entire platform is designed to facilitate these types of connections. When your alumni joined the Grafted app custom-built for your career community, they did so because they want to help! The established norm on a Grafted app is that, if you’re here, it’s ok to reach out to you through the app. 

That’s why we made it super easy for students to connect through stories. Remember when we said that every broadcast gets automatically chapterized and turned into stories on your profile? When students visit your profile and watch those stories, they can message you directly from within the story playback interface.

Like this:

Content on Grafted exists for students to connect with alumni.

We establish clear social norms that connection is welcome on our apps. As a result, you’ll experience higher engagement from students and more meaningful connections generated per broadcast. And, as you know, these relationships breed opportunities.

Which norms should drive your career community?

In the end, Grafted’s broadcast functionality was built with an entirely different set of social norms than Zoom. Those norms automatically make it a better, perfectly-tailored fit for career communities. Here’s what we mean:

[Oh, btw, the Grafted app has a separate feature for video calls. There’s a time and a place for video - it’s not on career exploration broadcasts. Instead, use it for video informational interviews or 1:1 career coaching with students.]

So which norms will drive your career community? Those of a meetings app or those of a community built for connection?

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