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If you don't, who will?

How does your department’s career strategy build meaningful, impactful relationships for your student-athletes?

At Grafted, we believe that access to relationships breeds opportunity. And we believe that athletic departments are the only bridge that can dramatically improve the career trajectories of student-athletes.

When you introduce a college athlete to the right person at the right time, you can fast-track their journey to career fulfillment and avoid years of career frustration.

And the data backs up this idea that the right relationships drive opportunity for college students:

  • Mentoring increases confidence and competency in the job search process altogether-- with 70-80% of mentees feeling more confident 
  • And, even after students’ first job, we know as many as 85% of all jobs are filled by networking
  • Relationships that lead to mentorships are especially valuable, as these students are twice as likely to have good jobs waiting for them upon graduation.

Oh, and students who are mentored in college are 4x more likely to feel connected to their university later in life, enhancing potential advancement opportunities. Don’t forget about that.

So the question is: How does your department’s career strategy build meaningful, impactful relationships for your student-athletes?

Unfortunately, the tactics that departments have relied on for years to reach students are less and less effective each year. I’m looking at you, in-person events on campus. 👀

  • For one, students simply don’t show up. These events compete with dozens of student-athlete priorities and fail to engage more than your department’s most career-minded students.
  • Second, these events severely limit the alumni who can attend. Letterwinners need to be able to join on-campus and join at a specific date and time. Your career strategy engages a tiny, tiny fraction of your alumni as a result.
  • Finally, technology is fundamentally shifting away from the type of events and engagement that you’ve relied on for student and alumni engagement. Your students and your alumni are growing more and more disappointed and dissatisfied with the ways you’re trying to connect with them. 

So if not in-person, on-campus events, then what? Well, here’s what your students and alumni are actually engaging with.

TikTok, the video-based social network projected to have 45 million users by the end of 2020.

Here’s why your students and young alumni are flocking to TikTok (HALF of US teens have reported using this app). TikTok is:

  • Snackable - lets them consume at their own pace
  • Swipeable - let them easily skip stories 
  • Available on-demand
  • Connection through user-created video
  • Vulnerable - TikTokers can share anything
  • Not highly produced or edited
  • Uploaded videos straight from the source: TikTokers themselves
  • Ridiculously intuitive and easy to use

So how can you tap into TikTok’s engagement wizardry 🧙‍♂️ to improve your department’s engagement? 

And, most importantly, how can you leverage your incredible Letterwinner network to propel student-athletes to successful careers after graduation?

⏩ The answer is Grafted.

Grafted builds video-based communities for universities to connect students & alumni.

There, you empower alumni to have the conversations that can change the course of a student's life. There, alumni connect with the university in ways that transcend the campus. 

And crucially, Grafted was built like high-engagment platforms like TikTok. It's a platform that students and alumni will *actually* use.

No perfectly tailored profiles. Instead, we use impromptu video stories to build connection and community fast.

On Grafted student-alumni connection is contagious and easy-to-scale. And it all happens within the space of your department’s custom-branded mobile app. 

⏬ ⏬ ⏬

Bottom line: 

We believe in the power of athletic departments to create meaningful career connections for student-athletes. The right introduction at the right time can change a student’s life. Period. 

Grafted helps you make these life-changing intros for every one of your student-athletes. To scale your efforts at career connection and alumni engagement. To build a thriving career community for your department. 

Build the future of student and alumni career communities.

Get Grafted.

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