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Fabriq Is Now Grafted

Tyler Baker

Fabriq is now Grafted


As of December 9, 2020, Fabriq is now Grafted.
Tim (my cofounder) and I made a strategic decision to rebrand and position the company for long-term success in higher ed. Because our apps are custom-built and -branded for universities, there will be no “interruption in service” and no discernible impact on our partners. Expect to see a new logo on invoices, a few new social media handles, and a new look on our website. What absolutely doesn’t change: our commitment to building engaging career communities that change the lives of students and alumni.

Why the change from Fabriq to Grafted?

In short, Fabriq made some waves in 2020🌊. As we partnered with major universities across the US, we caught the attention of like-named companies. 

But here’s the thing— the services we offer higher ed are too valuable to be confused with other brands. As such, Tim (my cofounder and Grafted’s lead developer) and I made the strategic decision to rebrand. 

Our new name, Grafted, uniquely captures the purpose of our digital infrastructure quite well. We firmly believe that communities within higher ed, like athletics departments and business schools, don't need another job board or static system where people's engagement drops like flies after signing up. What they need is system that re-engages their disparate alumni base by giving them a meaningful and rewarding job to do.

Why ‘Grafted’? What does ‘Grafted’ mean?

‘Grafting’ is a term from gardening and agriculture. It’s a process where parts of one plant are precisely fused together with another healthy plant, so as to make the branch a part of the plant. It’s a way to extend the life of a healthy plant to a branch that has been cut off. It’s also a way to quickly spread the life and growth that a healthy plant experiences. 

Successful and established alumni represent a university’s greatest resource. And like a tree growing from a seed, it can years  and even decades for an alum to realize their full potential. But once they do, they become a life-giving powerhouse for other alumni and current students to draw strength, inspiration, and encouragement from. 

Grafted career communities provide a way to connect (or re-connect) students and alumni with the resources, ideas, and encouragement they need to find fulfilling careers.

Over the last two years, our process has been “learn, build, share, repeat.” During this time, the greatest need of our partners has become clear. They don’t need another job board or theoretical methodology. What they need is a way to serve an extremely large and diverse population of current and former students. They need a way to serve those who aren’t seeking service. They need another 72 hours in a day to meet the needs of literally thousands of people. 

In order to do that, they’re going to need a team. A large, diverse, qualified and caring team.

In other words, they’re going to need your alumni. 

Grafted is technology that builds community for career mobility. We unleash the power of your alumni by giving them a meaningful role to play. We engage the student who would never step foot in a career services office. We help you drive outcomes. And we do it all behind your brand so members are grafted in for life.

What changes?

Our hope is that the transition from Fabriq to Grafted will be as seamless as possible. You will see a new logo, new handles on social media, and a new look for our emails and the website. We’ll also make less references to quilts and more references to trees 😉.

We also consider this rebrand an opportunity to tell you even more about why Tim and I do what we do. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see videos of us talking about our vision for Grafted. 

Like this one:

What doesn’t change:

Since Fabriq/Grafted apps have never been about promoting the brand of our company, there won’t be any impact on your career communities. Every Grafted app is custom-built and custom-branded for the community who will be using it. In other words, your university brand positions the app; our technology powers it.

What’s next for Grafted?

🔷Our team is growing! We’re now up to 6 employees, including our new Account Executive, Ethan Layer. Ethan is a former college athlete and brings with him years of experience in athletic and higher ed technology (@Teamworks), not to mention a firm grasp of what it was like to explore career while in college. 

🔷Our platform is getting smarter and more engaging every day! This month we released the new Explore function on Grafted apps, which generates a TikTok-style feed of relevant content for users based on what they watch and engage with. By harnessing the power of algorithms, we’re able to dramatically improve the user experience for students and alumni. Part of what makes Grafted different from any other online career community is our passion for engagement. It’s not enough for a university to have a career app— we’re serious about building apps that are used frequently and loved. Less LinkedIn, more TikTok. 

🔷We’re also doubling down on reporting capabilities. In order to best serve students and alumni, university partners need to be able to easily track user activity and identify where their services will generate the best return. For example, knowing that a student has watched 10 career question videos (from 3 different members) about business consulting equips a career center counselor to have a relevant conversation about career options, specific consulting firms, and next steps. We’re making reporting easier to access and customize.

You inspire us to be better

It's no secret— the staff of career services teams in athletic departments, business schools, and Career Centers are incredible. Since we started Fabriq in 2018, we've found these folks to be among the hardest-working, most dedicated, passionate people we've ever met. And your passion for helping students and alumni inspires us.

We've got ambitious plans for 2021, and we're laying the groundwork now to make it happen. We hope you'll join us.

-Tyler and Tim

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