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We invested in our partnership with Grafted because it's the best solution for connecting our current and former student-athletes with mentors, internships, and job opportunities that will power lifelong career success.

Joe Fields

Associate AD, Student Services

It's no secret student-athletes have extremely demanding schedules. Enabling them to have on-demand access to letterwinners and employers with similar programming information is a core purpose for our partnership with Grafted.

Brittany McGowen

Director Career & Leadership

Building successful student-athletes is about preparing them for whatever awaits them in life after sports— maybe that’s the NFL, maybe that’s pursuing their degree field. In either path, they need access to support from people they can relate to.

Courtney Love

Director of Player Development

We pride ourselves on being the best player development staff in the country, both on and off the field. Grafted and Branch are another example of the world-class support offered to and invested in our incredible student-athletes

Pat Fitzgerald

Head Coach

Our decision to build UTEP Athlete Network represents a major investment in teamwork, a core value of every Miner athlete knows well. With the network, we're able to harness the power of Miner alumni nationwide to create more opportunities.

Jim Senter

Athletics Director

A major driver for our partnership with Grafted was giving our students 10x the number of impressions to our core employer partners than what they would normally get on an annual basis only attending career fairs.

Matt Young

Director of Employer Relations

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