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We're meeting our students where they're at and seeing more engagement than ever before.
Dr. Dave Bratt
Dean, Liberty University School of Business

“With Grafted, we're scaling what we do with the data to prove it.”

Amanda Brown
Assistant A.D. for Career Enhancement
David G. Kabiller NU For Life Program
Northwestern University

“We were up 50% after just one month.”

Joanna Williamson
Los Angeles Customer

Relationships drive career outcomes.

The number on reason people go to college is to get good jobs. Enrollment promises it. Alumni Relations and Advancement rely on it. And you're enlisted to make it happen. But today's learners demand a lot more than simply being matched with a "mentor". They crave authentic conversations, relevant experiences and access to the people behind the company. Give them the social capital they need to succeed.
Career Communities

Problems that Grafted Solves


Career Discovery

Enable your community to learn from the people doing the work.



Personalization, in-app experiences that drive conversation and relationships.



Curate good jobs hidden within your powerful alumni network.
And do it at scale! 🎉
Platform Features

Features designed for community

Native Mobile Apps.
We deploy custom named and branded iOS & Android mobile apps for you to offer your community.
We customize branding, user-onboarding, profile attributes, content feeds, and more so your community gets the best.
On-Demand Videos.
We make video creation, curation, security, watching and engaging easy. This changes everything.
Our advanced matching logic and colorful profiles enable people to find, connect, and grow with each other.
Live Q&As.
Empower the knowledge in your community to scale with one-to-many digital learning experiences that foster connections.
Dynamic Jobs.
Offer your community an immediate resource for posting and finding jobs -- all without leaving the mobile app.
Modern In-App Messaging.
Give your members in-app direct and channel messaging so they can build relationships..
Easily create events for specific groups, request RSVP's, link to registration forms and give users the ability to add to mobile calendar.
Video Calls.
Schedule in-app video calls for informational interviews, group discussions, employer introductions, and more.

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Career success through community.
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