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Athlete Outcomes

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We help athletics departments

build modern, career education communities that student-athletes, alumni and employers love.

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“It was difficult leaving my sport, my team and my identity. The community gave me a place to go.”
Former Student-Athlete

“Finally a platform we can introduce to our Aggie Network with pride.”

Joe Fields
Sr. Assoc. AD, Student-Athlete Services
Texas A&M University

“Grafted has provided an innovative solution to accomplishing our goal of 100% meaningful career outcomes.”

Chris McIntosh
Deputy Athletics Director
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Build it
with Grafted.

We provide the best digital infrastructure for leading current and former student-athletes to meaningful post-playing careers. We've experienced the problem first-hand as former D1 athletes ourselves. After 10 years in tech, we've built all the tools you need to activate your community and deliver up their knowledge, network and opportunities in on-demand, digital experiences that your student-athletes will actually use.

The athlete outcomes platform

A new resource

Activate your community

with a simple call to action, download your app and join the community.
Your branded native mobile apps (iOS & Android) will be the front door to relevant, meaningful experiences.
A system that compounds

Grow your community

by giving everyone a meaningful role to play, for life.
Every story from your diverse community matters. We have a way to capture them all.
Be the nexus for relationships

Connect your community

by giving them easy access to discover, learn and grow with each other.
Our algorithmic feeds, video and in-app messaging connect your community through relevant experiences.
Insights to improve

Get insights you need

to make better decisions.
Whether it's employment data, connection metrics or video plays, go beyond simple surveys to shape how you lead your department.
Average increase in alumni engagement.
* At least that's what they tell us!
Average number of videos watched in first 12 months
* Includes re-watches
Average number of career videos created in first 12 months
* And this number increases daily

Build it with Grafted.

Modern and secure.

Improving lives through career community.
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