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It's A Numbers Game

Build your career community.

Past, present and future

student-athletes need each other to succeed in life after sport. Give them the social capital they need to succeed.

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Texas A&M Campus
“I always try to push myself out of my comfort zone to develop relationships...”
Braden White
Former Aggie Student-Athlete

“Grafted provides us with a solution we can introduce to our Aggie Network with pride.”

Joe Fields
Sr. Assoc. AD, Student-Athlete Services
Texas A&M University

“Grafted has provided an innovative solution to accomplishing our goal of 100% meaningful career outcomes.”

Chris McIntosh
Deputy Athletics Director
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Winning and losing is at stake.

From athletics facilities to social media content, you strive to provide your student-athletes with the very best solutions. So, why would technology that directly impacts how past, present and future student-athletes pursue career success be any different? Grafted provides the best technology platform for building enduring support ecosystems focused on career success.

Problems that Grafted solves

Unlock Engagement & Grow Social Capital

Student-athletes are busy.

Captivated by what's mandatory, too often, they disengage in preparing for life after sport. Shift your strategy. Give them on-demand access to the content, opportunities and people they find relevant. Give them the community they need to succeed.
Grafted unlocks how student-athletes engage with you.
Network ven diagram
Empower Networking, Giving, & Opportunity

Letterwinners care about career.

Studies show that over 75% of jobs are filled through networking relationships. If you want to build affinity, you need to create value. Give your Letterwinners a place that's meaningful to give back, easy to network, and effective in surfacing opportunities.
Give your Letterwinners a meaningful role on the team.
Do Way More With Less Effort

A proven plan that works.

We've created one, cohesive experience for everyone. Grafted provides growth strategies and platform features that unleashes your most valuable asset, your community. And we're tracking everything so you can analyze, report and improve as you grow.
Build your career community with Grafted
Platform Features

Features designed to grow relationships

Native Mobile Apps.
We deploy custom named and branded iOS & Android mobile apps for you to offer your community.
We customize branding, user-onboarding, profile attributes, content feeds, and more so your community gets the best.
On-Demand Videos.
We make video creation, curation, security, watching and engaging easy. This changes everything.
Our advanced matching logic and colorful profiles enable people to find, connect, and grow with each other.
Live Q&As.
Empower the knowledge in your community to scale with one-to-many digital learning experiences that foster connections.
Dynamic Jobs.
Offer your community an immediate resource for posting and finding jobs -- all without leaving the mobile app.
Modern In-App Messaging.
Give your members in-app direct and channel messaging so they can build relationships.
Easily create events for specific groups, request RSVP's, link to registration forms and give users the ability to add to mobile calendar.
Video Calls.
Schedule in-app video calls for informational interviews, group discussions, employer introductions, and more.

“Grafted has provided an innovative solution to accomplishing our goal of 100% meaningful career outcomes”

Chris McIntosh
Director of Athletics, University of Wisconsin

“We were up 50% after just one month.”

Joanna Williamson
Los Angeles Customer

Stats with Grafted

Average increase in the number of engaged Letterwinners
Our process works.
Average number of video plays in the first year
Video with purpose.
Average number of Letterwinner videos created in the first year
Technology that unlocks.

What leaders in collegiate athletics are saying

University of Kentucky
“When I learned about Grafted, the thing that was the most interesting was that we could deliver all of our life skills content in an interactive and engaging way." - Courtney Love, Director of Player Development, Football
Northwestern University
"We pride ourselves on being the best player development staff in the country, both on and off the field. Grafted and Branch are another example of the world-class support offered to and invested in our incredible student-athletes. This app will help us leverage the strongest and most successful alumni community in college athletics, providing instant access and meaningful connection points to all Wildcats, no matter where they are in the world or in their careers." - Pat Fitzgerald, Head Football Coach
University of Wisconsin
“Everything we were doing between student-athlete development and alumni relations was  somewhat siloed, despite the fact that our letterwinners are perfectly positioned and willing to help our current student-athletes." - Bridget Woodruff, Assistant Athletic Director for Career & Leadership
Texas A&M University
"What gets me excited is that we now have one online community where all our student-athletes, all our Aggie former student-athletes, and all our Aggie employer partners can find each other, learn from each other, and help each other find career fulfillment." - Justin More, Deputy Athletics Director
University of Texas at El Paso
“Our decision to build the UTEP Athlete Network represents a major investment in teamwork, a core value every Miner athlete knows well. We are stronger and more innovative when we work together. With the Network, we’re able to harness the power of Miner alumni nationwide to create more opportunities and to create meaningful community." - Jim Senter, Director of Athletics

Build it with Grafted.

Modern and secure.

Level up your game.
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